Biltong for Breakfast Trayboarding 2.0

by Duncan on July 17, 2006

Biltong For Breakfast : Xtreme Trayboarding 2.0

biltong for breakfast: Trayboarding 2.0

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Jon and Ian hit the sand dunes in Namibia for Xtreme Trayboarding 2.

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Music in this episode:
Pink Shoes by The Delegates. You can get their whole album here.

Trayboarding 2.0 the STORY by Ian McLeod:


Good sleep in this morning but now I’m thinking that it was a bad idea to start so late as its already 30 degrees. I’m so excited, sand boarding is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to check out the sand dunes and get a feel for the Namibian desert. Better get moving, were getting picked up in half and hour.


I’m bouncing around in the back of the truck, trying to force as much liquid into my desiccated and dehydrated body as possible. I am so destroyed; I’m burned, beaten, exhausted and absolutely stoked.

Overall the ‘stand up’ sand boarding was disappointing, the rides were just too short to build up any real speed. Unfortunately there was no high-speed lifts to whisk you back up the mountain again like on ski fields. We had to keep trudging back up the ridge of the dune. Ten minutes up for a twenty second ride down.

Luckily the second or ‘tray boarding’ option was awesome. Basically you grab a piece of plywood, one side of which is super shiny and slippery and the other side rougher to keep you on the ‘tray’ and ride down on it on your belly. Because of my ridiculous height I needed two sheets of ply overlapped to prevent me from sanding off my knees. I couldn’t wait to give it a go and ‘volunteered’ to go first, in my unique greedy, pushing and grabbing style.

As I lay on the tray and peered over the edge of the dune, I reflected in the safety of this sport and the wisdom of going first. The local guys were laughing with just a touch of sadistic glee, which is never a good sign. I had been told to expect to reach speeds upwards of 80km/hour and this dune was looking steeper by the second. I was half listening to the advice of our guide  “pull the front up and don’t try to stop? and half trying not to weep in front of the camera when I was pushed off. Oh man it was fun! I accelerated quickly, going faster and faster as the hot harsh sand passed just inches away from my face.  It felt like a roller coaster and I was giggling with immature glee and relieved to be alive.

30november 041.jpg
Ian puts on his game face.

Predictably we had a race on our second run. Because of my increased sliding surface of my ‘tray’ and the fact Jon was filming with one hand.  I snuck past on the outside and took the gold medal. He got me back though, crashing into my legs and knocking me off my tray as he reached the finish line. Jon’s got so much skill. I was checking out the footage taken on his Cybershot camera later and it was rock steady even when he reached top speeds.

We must have had at least five runs each tray boarding. We learned that if you give the front of the flexi boards a sharp upwards tweak when you go over a ridge its possible to get some air. We also learned that walking up some of the tallest dunes in the world in 40-degree heat is exhausting.

30november 040.jpg
Jon stoked to be Trayboarding again.

The scenery was around our playground was amazing, soft yellows and dusty browns of sand and dune as far as the eye could see. Despite the harsh conditions there were still insects and spiders to be seen travelling across the hot sand.  I didn’t want to leave and when the rest of the guys left to enjoy their lunch I asked to stay for a while and do a few more run.

I was told that the record for most runs in a day was 16. I had done 11 runs already and was confident I could take the title for New Zealand. They left me with a jar of board wax a broken down snowboard and a half litre of now superheated water. Giggling to myself with manic excitement and glee I watched my friends turn into little dots as they returned to the trucks for baguettes and beer. I continued to climb and ride getting more random and exhausted. I bailed three times on my last four runs, once slamming my face down and eating the sand. I finally finished my 17th run to the applause of the truck tooting and my new friends shouting, “come down you dork, we want to go back?. I was completely broken, covered in sand, sun burned, bruised from my falls, chaffed and blistered. But I was victorious!

Ian after completing the new record of 17 runs!


Still broken, just like Jon’s ankle. I hobbled from our hostel to a local bar and met up with Beth and the team from Alter Action Sandboarding Adventures. It was awesome kicking back with a cold Windhoek Beer and watching some of the shots they had taken of the day. I managed to convince them to give us a copy if the raw footage. Excellent, more footage for the series! Just as I left Beth told me that the 17 year girl who had previously held the record for the most rides was pissed off but was going to top my record tomorrow.

Must hobble back to the hostel and die now.

Overall it was a good day 8/10

If you’re in Swakopmnud, Namibia, book with these dudes:

Check out the Flickr photoset:


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dr forkbeard July 17, 2006 at 4:01 am

brilliant…it’s 4am here and you always seem to take me away from where and what i was doing…as i’m going to bed! cheers, boys! keep on finding the goods!

jon July 17, 2006 at 5:49 am

thanks bro!

trayboardin’ 4EVER!

Ian McLeod July 17, 2006 at 1:24 pm


That was so much fun. Especially compared with the lame ‘stand up’ sandboarding. I was broken man at the end of that session. Destroyed.

Stand by for trayboarding #3! Maybe big wave traying in Indo, maybe ice skimming in Greenland, maybe riding mudslides in Bangladesh. We can’t say where it will be but it will be EXTREME! Stay tuned Scourists.


PS. Jon, oh the secret shame.

jon July 17, 2006 at 4:37 pm


your secret is safe with me!

its not the least bit “boring”.


Susan July 21, 2006 at 2:11 pm

That was excellent! I loved the scene cuts while you were going downhill. Who was filming you two while you raced?

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